Everybody has a collection of special photographs that they cherish. Perhaps the pictures remind them of a loved one, a special event or simply a happy period of their life. Rather than simply displaying these photos in a traditional frame, there are plenty of ways to get creative and give them a new lease of life.

1. Photo magnets

It is nowadays incredibly simple to take your favorite photographs and transform them into fridge magnets. There are plenty of services online and on the high street that will do this for you, usually within a matter of minutes. The beauty of fridge magnet photos is that they take centerstage in your kitchen. The fridge is one of the most frequently used household appliances, so you will see the photographs every day. Attach a few magnets close together to create a fantastic collage effect.

2. Make a crystal impression

Probably the most attention-grabbing idea on the list, crystalized photos make a beautiful addition to any living space. Making a crystal photo involves taking a standard image and then imprinting it into a 3D crystal. The result is quite stunning and brings the photograph to life through a mix of 3D visuals and the unique light effects of the crystal. Better still, crystals come in all shapes and sizes to suit any design ambitions. Blocks, hearts, diamonds and many other different types of crystal are all readily available.

3. Photo clothing

One of the quirkier ways to revitalize your photographs – putting them on an item of clothing will certainly turn heads. T-shirts are the most common item to receive the photo printing treatment, but in reality, you can do it on nearly anything. Bags are another good idea, as are vest tops; anything with a large surface area. Many people choose to print a single, large photograph but you can get even more creative. Printing several smaller shots together creates a vintage, collage style aesthetic. You will need to optimize the colors first, however.

4. Wood transfer

Usually the reserve of vintage photographs, wood transfer can nonetheless be used to give more modern images a sepia drenched twist. As the name suggests, the process involves transferring a photograph onto a wooden block, which is then hung just as you would a traditional photo frame. The look is rustic in the extreme. Images take on an aged, faded quality when transferred to wood. While it is technically possible to do this yourself, the process is quite involved. Fortunately, wood transfer is more popular than ever, so it is not difficult to find a professional service.

5. Photo lamps

Last but certainly not least, you might be surprised to learn that you can get your photographs printed onto lamps. Light shines through the photograph when the lamp is in use, bringing the image into illuminated definition and making it extremely striking. The effect is captivating in a darkened room and the photographs even cast a shadow, a little like a projection. Lamps are the perfect way to immortalize treasured memories in light.