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Amazon FBA resources

Amazon FBA Education is a husband and wife duo that started selling Amazon FBA back in 2008, and it is now their full-time income with part-time hours. Grab their Free Training that includes 10 steps to finding profitable products.  

Udemy has several courses from $12.99 that you can learn about Amazon FBA from any device. Click here to see what course is right for you. 

Full Time FBA offers a JumpStart Amazon Course which is step-by-step process on how to build a profitable Amazon FBA business.

Amazon FBA Financing

Looking to finance your inventory? Kim personally uses the Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card that offers 1.5% cashback on all purchases plus a $200 Bonus Cash Back after you spend $3,000. 0% APR for the first 12 months. No annual fee.

Also, most of the online stores that we source products from also offer deferred billing so you can buy now and pay later.

We know the people at Blue Trust Loans and recommend them if you’re looking for an installment loan (which is a better alternative to payday loans). Blue Trust Loans can deposit up to $3,000 into your bank account as soon as today.

Click Here For More Financing Options.

Amazon FBA Prepping

Here is a list of supplies that will make your life of prepping inventory for Amazon FBA easier!

  1. Scotty Peelers – these help remove clearance price stickers easily.
  2. Clear Round Stickers – for product boxes that don’t stay shut (looks more professional than tape)
  3. Thank You Labels – if you can’t get all of the price tags off or rip the packaging while doing so, cover up the blemish with these labels.
  4. Polybags – make sure the bags you use have suffocation labels; if not, you can buy the labels, too.
Amazon FBA Shipping

You’ll need lots of boxes and packing materials. The best prices we’ve found on boxes is from Lowe’s, plus they offer free shipping and delivery:

  • Small Boxes 12x12x16
  • Medium Boxes 16x18x18
  • Large Boxes 18x18x24
Amazon FBA Software Tools

Successful FBAers pay for several tools to save time and make more money. Most tools offer a discount if you pay yearly instead of monthly.

  1. AZ Labels – This Chrome extension formats your product and shipping labels and works great if you use Dymo printers.
  2. BQool – This integrates with your Amazon account (and Inventory Lab, see below) and reprices your items to maximize profit and sales.
  3. Inventory Lab – This keeps track of all of the expenses associated with each item by taking into account Amazon’s fees and shipping costs to see the return on investment percentage of each item. It also comes with the Scoutify app for your phone that is more robust than the Amazon seller app. And this service makes it easy to add new items in bulk.
  4. RevSeller – Chrome extension that shows sales rank, category and profitability at top of every Amazon product page.
Amazon FBA Ungating

If you are trying to get ungated for a certain brand or in certain categories to sell via Amazon FBA, you must submit an invoice showing you ordered at least 10 units of that specific brand or category on the same order/invoice. A receipt will not suffice. It must be an invoice from a distributor or wholesale store. But how do you know what stores provide invoices that can be using for getting ungated? Click here to see the online store that we personally use! 

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