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Shopping Bookmarks has been sharing deals online for over 20 years. We now focus exclusively on finding profitable products to sell via Amazon FBA. 

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Product leads are posted 24/7 as we find them so there is no waiting for a list to drop.


All deals offer a minimum 50% ROI or $5 profit and are ranked in the top 5% of their category.


All deals are easy to access online with no software to install or spreadsheets to download. 


Easily search past deals by categories, brands, stores, prices, dates, ROI, profit and more.

And we are offering all of this for FREE!


Currently, we are offering FREE access to our Deals List as we ramp up the deals. We hope this helps those in need during the pandemic. How can we offer this information for free when other sites charge up to $199 per month for the same information? We use affiliate links for some merchants and may earn a commission when you shop through our links. 

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