If you are trying to get ungated for a certain brand or in certain categories to sell via Amazon FBA, you must submit an invoice showing you ordered at least 10 units of that specific brand or category on the same order/invoice. A receipt will not suffice. It must be an invoice from a distributor or wholesale store. But how do you know what stores provide invoices that can be using for getting ungated?

We will tell you our favorite online store we use for getting ungated (most recently we got ungated to sell watches with their invoice). Most ungating services charge a fee to tell you exactly what stores to buy from, and I personally have paid for such services, but I am giving this information to you for free! Why? Because my background is in affiliate marketing, and since the store I use has an affiliate program, I may earn a commission if you shop through my link (at no extra cost to you), so it’s a win/win for both of us!

So without further ado, the store is LTD Commodities! While LTD Commodities does sell some items that you can source and resell to make money, I usually consider the cost of the items I buy for ungating as an investment that I can now sell a new brand or in a new category to expand my business.

LTD Commodities Categories

If you need ungated in a category not listed, I still encourage you to use the search bar to see if they carry something in the category that you need. For instance, I needed ungated in watches. The first time I searched, they didn’t have watches for sale. The second time, the price was too high for my liking, but the third time, I found some silicone stretch watches for $7.99 each. I ordered ten, got my invoice and was approved for watches within ten minutes!


Home Goods




Health & Beauty


Toys & Games



LTD Commodities Brands

LTD’s inventory changes frequently so if you don’t see a specific brand now, check back later. Here are just a few of the brands they carry regularly:

Need Ungated In Shoes?

Unfortunately LTD Commodities is not known for selling shoes, but Full-Time FBA offers a FREE step-by-step PDF that you can download to get you instantly ungated and approved to sell shoes on Amazon in 8 easy steps. You’re welcome!


What if LTD doesn't have the brand or category you need?

Don’t worry, The Selling Family can show you exactly what you need to do so to access the most desired restricted categories (topicals, toys, grocery, and gourmet foods) and over 20 popular name brands.

Tips When Shopping at LTD Commodities

I’m sure if you’ve read this far, you are familiar with shopping online, but besides being an Amazon reseller, my family also considers me to the be the bargain queen. So, here are some tips on how to get the best deal when shopping at LTD Commodities.

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Coupon Codes

LTD frequently (more times than not) has a current code that can be found at the very top of the page. The standard coupon is usually for $5 Shipping On $55+ or Free Shipping On $75+ with Code. Other times if includes a dollar or percentage off your order. You MUST apply the coupon code at checkout manually (cut and paste it) as it is not automatically added (and shipping costs are expensive without it).

Create Wish List

The prices of the items on LTD Commodities change all of the time, so if there are certain items I’d like to watch, I add them to my “Wish List”. Then I can click the “heart” next to my “My Account” on the top right side of the page at any time to see the current price of those items. I have found quite a few replenishable products on LTD that I can resell, so I stock up when they are 75% off.

Request Free Catalog

Click “Sign Up for FREE Catalogs” at the bottom of the page to request having a free catalog sent to you. Thumbing through it, you might find something you didn’t see on the website. And if you see something you like, but don’t like the price, remember to add to wish list to price check that item.

Get Cash Back

Several websites, apps, and browser extensions offer cashback on your purchases from major stores. Here are the cashback sites that offer cashback on LTD Commodities purchases:

How To Get LTD Commodities Invoice

Once you have ordered ten items of the same brand and/or category (all ten items must be one order together), wait until your order has shipped, then to get invoice, log into account, click “My Orders” > “View past orders” > “Request Invoice”. Invoice will be emailed to you.

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