Online Arbitrage Deals

Shopping Bookmarks has been sharing deals online for over 20 years. We now focus exclusively on finding profitable products to sell via Amazon FBA. 

We source the deals so you don’t have to.



Product leads are posted 24/7 as we find them so there is no waiting for a list to drop.


All deals offer a minimum 50% ROI or $5 profit and are ranked in the top 5% of their category.


All deals are easy to access online with no software to install or spreadsheets to download. 


Search deals by categories, brands, stores, prices, dates, ROI, profit and more. 

And did we mention that we are offering this all for FREE?



While we are in launch mode and build up our database of deals, we are offering this service completely FREE! We may use affiliate links for some merchants and appreciate you shopping through our links to help pay our tech guy. Sign up now to be locked into receiving an exclusive special offer when we officially launch.

Sort Deals By Date, Prices, Profit and ROI

Search for stores, categories, brand names and more.  

Click on any deal to purchase and see more info, such as BSR, shipping costs, etc.