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Shopping Bookmarks has been teaching people how to save money for over 20 years. We have now expanded to teach you how to make money by buying products at a discount and reselling those products at a profit!

Buy Low, Sell High = SUCCESS


A reseller purchases products from manufacturers, liquidators, or other retailers.


A reseller then marks up the price and resells those products to customers via marketplaces for a profit.


We are here to help you succeed as a reseller whether you’re a newbie or seasoned in the space. 

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5 Unique Photo Display Ideas

5 Unique Photo Display Ideas

Everybody has a collection of special photographs that they cherish. Perhaps the pictures remind them of a loved one, a special event or simply a happy period of their life. Rather than simply displaying these photos in a traditional frame, there are plenty of ways to...

How To Get Ungated On Amazon: Stores That Provide Invoices

How To Get Ungated On Amazon: Stores That Provide Invoices

If you are trying to get ungated for a certain brand or in certain categories to sell via Amazon FBA, you must submit an invoice showing you ordered at least 10 units of that specific brand or category on the same order/invoice. A receipt will not suffice. It must be...