There are several brands on Amazon where it is not a good idea to sell those particular brands. Why you ask? Because those brands may file an “Intellectual Property Violation” against your Amazon account if you try to sell those brands. And too many IP complaints could get your Amazon account deactivated.

What is an Intellectual Property Violation?

According to Lexology, intellectual property (IP) infringement refers to any violation or breach of protected intellectual property rights. There are three main types of IP rights on Amazon:

  1. Copyrights are legal protections for original works of authorship
  2. Trademarks are legal protections for a word, symbol, design, or combination of the same that a company uses to identify goods and services
  3. Patents are legal protections for inventions

In layman’s terms, they basically all mean you are not authorized to sell their brand, even though Amazon had no brand restrictions. If you receive an IP violation, there will be a Performance Warning in Amazon Seller Central under Performance > Account Health > Product Policy Compliance > Received Intellectual Property, and you will receive an email from Amazon. Here is an example of what the email from Amazon looks like. It will have the subject line: “Notice: Policy Warning” and come from

Amazon Intellectual Property Violation

To avoid receiving these dreadful emails, the best advice we can give is to avoid selling the brands that are known to file complaints. I wish Amazon would restrict users from even having the choice to add these brands, but alas they do not, so many (me included) learned about these brands the hard way. I have been compiling a list of brands on Amazon that have personally filed an IP complaint against me or other reputable resellers and/or have sent out a legal cease and desist letter to me or them.

List of 250+ Restricted Brands On Amazon

In some cases (as noted), the brand will let you sell their product as “Used-Like New”, so be sure to list the item correctly when adding it to your inventory to avoid an IP claim. Please note that this list does not contain gated brands.

  1. 1Com
  2. 3Ns
  3. Air
  4. Akai
  5. Algenist
  6. Alpha
  7. Altec Lansing
  8. Amovo
  9. Amway
  10. Andoer
  11. Angels Fancy Dress
  12. Angelsounds
  13. Ann Willaims
  14. Apple
  15. Aquapix
  16. Artistry
  17. Atmosphere
  18. Audio Technica
  19. Audiotech
  20. Aunt Jackie’s
  21. AZO
  22. Bactimicina
  23. Baby Born
  24. Baby Bullet
  25. Baby Dumpling
  26. Babyganics (can sell as Used-Like New)
  27. Babyliss
  28. Babyplus
  29. Baggallini
  30. Base Camp Outfitters
  31. Bassbuds
  32. Beaba
  33. Beachbody
  34. Bear
  35. Beauty Pet
  36. Berwick
  37. Besdata
  38. Bestomz
  39. Bethesda
  40. BH Cosmetics
  41. BIC (can sell as Used-Like New)
  42. Biolite
  43. Bissell
  44. Blitzball
  45. Blue Microphones
  46. Bodum
  47. Bose
  48. Boston
  49. Bpro
  50. Bracoo
  51. Bratz
  52. Braun
  53. Britannia
  54. Britax
  55. Broncosan
  56. Buck
  57. Bulbhead
  58. Butterick
  59. C’est Moi
  60. Caldrea (can sell as Used-Like New)
  61. Canary
  62. Canon
  63. Capital Brands
  64. Carol’s Daughter
  65. Chemex
  66. Chinkyboo
  67. Chloe
  68. Christian Dior
  69. City Scene
  70. Coleman
  71. Comfylife
  72. Comic Concept
  73. Comic Images
  74. Comic Maker
  75. Contour Living
  76. Cra-Z-Art
  77. Craft-tastic
  78. Crocs
  79. Crosley
  80. Culturelle
  81. Curls
  82. Davidoff
  83. DBPower
  84. De La Cruz
  85. Deejo
  86. Dermelect
  87. Deuter
  88. Discovery
  89. Discovery #Mindblown
  90. Discovery Kids
  91. Discovery Toys
  92. DLC Laboratories
  93. Dog & Bone
  94. Dr. Ginger’s
  95. Duracell (can sell as Used-Like New)
  96. Earth’s Care
  97. EasyPix
  98. EB5
  99. Eero
  100. ESpring
  101. Estroven
  102. Etereauty
  103. Eureka
  104. Faber-Castell
  105. FAO Schwarz
  106. Favorite Findings
  107. Fifty/Fifty
  108. Finlo
  109. First com
  110. Firstline
  111. Fissler GmbH
  112. Fitbit
  113. Fitlife
  114. FoxyBae
  115. Fremantle
  116. Frye
  117. Fujifilm
  118. Garunk
  119. GE
  120. Gel-A-Peel
  121. Georgie
  122. Glade (can sell as Used-Like New)
  123. Glitzhome
  124. Globulo Rojo
  125. GN Netcom
  126. Go Donut
  127. Go Extreme
  128. GoPro
  129. Grace & Stella
  130. Griffin
  131. Guess
  132. Hammer + Axe
  133. Hape
  134. Harry’s
  135. Hauptstadtkoffer
  136. Havex
  137. Helen Of Troy
  138. Helle
  139. Heos
  140. Home-it
  141. Honest Baby
  142. Honestly Cute
  143. Huion
  144. i2o
  145. Ikea
  146. Implus Footcare
  147. Inkrite
  148. Inkwrite
  149. Inova
  150. Ion
  151. iRobot
  152. Italkonline
  153. Ito Professional
  154. Jabra
  155. Jansport
  156. Jasco
  157. Jennifer Lopez
  158. Jet Creations
  159. Jil Sander
  160. Kate Spade
  161. Kidsbo
  162. Kilner
  163. Kitchenaid
  164. Kitsound
  165. Klean Kanteen
  166. Klipsch
  167. Koolatron
  168. Kylie Cosmetics
  169. La Roche Posay
  170. Lalaloopsy
  171. LaMode
  172. Lavanila
  173. Leatherman Tool
  174. Leg Avenue
  175. Leicke
  176. LELO
  177. Levi’s
  178. Linxor
  179. Livivo
  180. LOL Suprise
  181. Luga
  182. Lush
  183. Macoon
  184. Madre Perla de Ultratez
  185. Magic Bullet
  186. Marantz
  187. Medela
  188. Mederma
  189. Memory Soft
  190. Method (can sell as Used-Like New)
  191. Might Dog
  192. MiroPure
  193. Mommy’s Bliss
  194. Monsieur Bebe
  195. Moulin Roty
  196. Mrs. Myers (can sell as Used-Like New)
  197. Nature’s Way
  198. Neat Company
  199. Neato Robotics
  200. Neewer
  201. Nikon
  202. Ninja Blenders
  203. Noco
  204. NutriBullet
  205. Ocusan
  206. OFF! (can sell as Used-Like New)
  207. Opinet
  208. Osmo
  209. Otter Box
  210. Paddington Bear
  211. Patagonia
  212. Pet Armor
  213. Philips
  214. Picci
  215. Piggy Paint
  216. Pioneer
  217. Presonus
  218. Ovega-3
  219. Que Bella
  220. Quita Piojos
  221. Raid (can sell as Used-Like New)
  222. Rainbow Light
  223. Rainbow Loom
  224. Razer
  225. Razor
  226. Red Castle
  227. Refinery and Co.
  228. Renew Life
  229. RoC Skincare
  230. Rock the Locks
  231. RockTape
  232. Rodan + Fields
  233. Samsonite
  234. Sanofi
  235. Sharper Image
  236. Scosche
  237. SGX NYC
  238. Sol Republic
  239. SOPHi
  240. Sound United
  241. Square
  242. Step 2
  243. Super Macho
  244. Sunwise
  245. Switchmate
  246. Systane
  247. Table Mate
  248. Tangible Play
  249. The Black Series
  250. The Mane Choice
  251. Thirsty Milo
  252. Tommy Bahama
  253. TOMS
  254. Tonka
  255. Tummy Tucker
  256. Ugg
  257. UP4
  258. Vaporex
  259. Victoria’s Secret
  260. Vital Proteins
  261. Wet Brush
  262. Yes To
  263. Yeti
  264. Xyzal
  265. Zagg (can sell as Used-Like New)
  266. Zap
  267. Zippo
  268. Zoom

Are we missing any Amazon Restricted Brands? If you have received an IP violation and/or cease and desist from a brand that we don’t have listed, please contact us to add that brand to the list. We will require that you actually send us proof before we add that brand to the list. It’s unfortunate that we have to do that, but unfortunately not every Amazon seller plays fair. Please keep in mind if you see other lists of Amazon restricted brands, that they may have added brands that they sell a lot of in hopes of keeping other sellers from becoming their competition.

IP Violation Response Email Template

If you do receive an IP infringement notice or warning for infringement and you believe the rights owner or Amazon made an error, you may appeal or dispute the claim, but first I usually 1) delete the item in question, and then 2) respond to the original email (shown above) emailing the contact email address (redded out in example) with this response.

Hello [NAME],

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.

All of our inventory for this product was purchased brand new from [STORE], an authorized distributor. We double-checked to make sure the product that we bought matched the description, title, and image on the existing Amazon listing exactly. We then sent the product to a Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) warehouse. Since this item was purchased from an authorized source, and this inventory can be traced back directly to the manufacturer, this is not an intellectual property rights violation.

We have been selling on Amazon for [LENGTH OF TIME], and we would never want to risk our business by sending in a product that was not authentic, brand new, conforming to all of Amazon’s policies and procedures.

We would appreciate it if you would retract your complaints against us (seller SELLER NAME). In the meantime, we have taken down our Amazon listings per your request. Please let me know if you need any further information to resolve this issue.

Thank you,

Some companies (but not a lot) will respond favorably and retract the claim. Most will get you no response, so then you have the option to appeal or dispute the claim.