If you’re an avid designer or love a good crafting session, there is always the opportunity to make money from your passion

Selling clothing is easier than ever, thanks to plenty of online marketplaces. So, if it’s always been your dream to have your own fashion brand, we’ve got a few tips to help you on the right track. 

Send digital catalogs to online stores

Boutiques and other online stores will be more than happy to enhance their inventory with other brands. Small businesses love to support small businesses. Gather your favorite designs, and create a catalog to send via post or email it to small brands online. The worst they can do is say no! 

If you’re looking for a plus sized boutique, check out froxx.co.uk. They work with a number of big and small brands – you never know, you might be featured on their site in no time! 

Your catalog should provide details such as the composition and price of each item so that your potential buyers have everything they might need to contact you with an order. Photos should be glossy and professional so that you can set your brand apart from the rest. 

Incentivize with free samples

If you’re passionate about your work, you’ll have no issue with creating a few signature pieces to send out as free samples. 

Once an online boutique sees how fast your product can sell, they’ll be coming back for more! Then, you can work out a way to become a regular brand at their store. 

Get marketing your brand

The more people buyers can see engaging with your brand, the more likely they are to order from you. Make sure to use every marketing tool in the bag to get your brand known. Instagram and Pinterest are key places to focus your attention, or you could even create your own store page on Facebook to showcase your different looks. 

Any followers or independent sales you gain from your own marketing approaches can be used to present your products to online buyers. Not every buyer is willing – or in a financial position – to take a risk on a brand that has no sales yet. So, by finding a way to sell your products online first, you’ll have the right credentials to secure your place on a different store and tap into their audience. 

Attend fashion shows

If there are local or national fashion shows available, grab your tickets! Take along a few business cards and brochures, as you never know who you might end up sat next to. 

Fashion shows are a great place to scope the competition, find inspiration for next season, and network. During the breaks or pre-show, you can try your hand at a little networking to find a few potential customers. Don’t forget to follow up with an email the next day! 

As with all business, it’s about who you can get your products in front of. Networking, sending out marketing materials, and promoting yourself online are key to finding the perfect collaboration for your new fashion venture.