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Currently we are offering FREE access to our Deals List as we ramp up the deals. We hope this helps those in need during the pandemic. 

What’s included in a Shopping Bookmarks membership?

  • 100+ new online arbitrage deals added monthly (these deals are added as they are found 24/7, so one day may only have 2 deals, while another may have 12)
  • Access to all deals (including searchable past deals)
  • Invitation to closed Facebook group (for members only where you can ask questions and get advice from Kim herself)
  • Requests considered if you’re looking for a certain category or brand
  • Limited membership to 100 people.
  • Access to secret pages that list:
    • ASINs that give you auto-approval
    • Brands that send Cease & Desist letters
    • Stores that provide invoices to get ungated

Due to the nature of the content, we do not offer free trials, but one can cancel at any time. 

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