In today’s fast-paced world of business and commerce it is recognized that employees hold the key to the success or failure of any enterprise. Many employees want to undertake roles that are both fulfilling and stimulating. In addition, they want to feel truly valued by the organization and see that they receive recognition for when they go the extra mile at work. As the working environment begins to be dominated by the millennial generation, their values and aspirations may be different from previous generations. What they see as a great place to work may include factors that were not as highly valued in older workers. 

In this article three key traits of any organization that is viewed as a great place to work will be explored in detail. If your organization holds these traits, it will be a place that benefits from highly engaged and motivated employees and may have lower than average staff turnover. 

Employee feedback is valued

Every employee wants to feel that they are being listened to by leaders, management, and the organization in general. Employees hold the key to service improvements and if they enjoy their work and feel that their ideas have value, they will be more inclined to share them for the benefit of the company. Creating a working environment where regular staff feedback is held in high importance is a key way to keeping employees engaged and improving the culture of the organization in general. One way companies can promote employee feedback and gain valuable insights from their staff is to use employee survey software. This software allows the thoughts, opinions, and insights from the workforce to be distilled into meaningful and actionable information that can be used to drive service improvements. Clearly, this is a two-fold benefit as employees feel that their views count, and leaders and mangers are presented with valuable information to drive positive change. 

Competitive renumeration packages

As practices change in the business world, one aspect will always stay the same. A company that offers competitive renumeration levels (and ideally those who offer above industry-average salaries) will be taking a vital step in ensuring that it is a great place to work. Regardless of other employee benefits packages, competitive renumeration is shown to be a key motivator for staff. If employees see that they can earn more money doing the same job for another firm, they will begin to feel undervalued and may leave. This will result in lower levels of job satisfaction or increased staff turnover and recruitment costs. Money is not the absolute motivator for all staff, but it is a vital component in enjoying your work.

Demonstrating trust 

An organization that can regularly demonstrate trust in its workforce is one that creates a great working culture. Demonstrating trust can take various forms. It can be offering employees flexible working options (including hybrid or fully remote models of work) and trusting that the work will be done to a high standard without the need for supervision or micro management. This serves to empower the employee and offers them flexibility in how they approach their working tasks. This in turn allows the employee to view the organization in a positive light. See here for more examples of how companies can demonstrate trust in their workforce.